26. - 30.8.2020

Wenger Czech AR will happen!!!

We are so happy to announce you that the 2020 edition will happen in its proper time and place. Now, we try to make up all details which we reveal soon. PLEASE, let us ASAP know if you are not able to come or register (until the end of June for 600 EUR/team) to we know how many teams will take part in Wenger Czech Adventure Race 2020. 

Race status: until 1. 7. unknown

We would love to welcome you this year and that is the reason why we hesitate to make the final decision. Please, wait until 1. 7. and we will tell you. Promise! P.S. Basic fee is still on.

Basic start fee until 30/04/2020

With respect to the situation about Corona virus we decided to prolonge time for the basic start fee (600 EUR per team) until the end of April.

In case the race is cancelled we send you all your money back.

Bolscross on Wikipedia

Our special discipline Bolscross is part of Czech AR from its 1st edition. It means that this year it will be our 18th Bolscross! That was the reason why we created its page on Wikipedia! You can read what it is, about history of Bolscross and how it got its name. You can find it only in Czech so far, we are trying to get authority for creating page in English. But with Google Translate you get a grasp. Just look for Bolskros.

Register your team early this time

In December we open the registrations. We would appreciate you sign up earlier this time. 

If you pay the start fee until 31. 3. 2020, nothing changes and the price remains 600 EUR/team and you will get event t-shirts. Until 31.5.2020 you still get the tees but you will pay 750 EUR/team. The price remains even the next month but with no t-shirts. After this date you still can register. It will cost your team 900 EUR with no t-shirts.

26.-30.8. 2020

This is the date of 17th edition of Wenger Czech Adventure Race. On Friday 28.8. at 22:00 will start MINI Adventure Race.