Frequently given answers:

  • Bring self-belay device for each member (don´t panic – if you are already on your way, we will lend you)
  • You carry your mandatory equipment even during Coastering stage!!! (CZAR and MINI)
  • You are allowed to bring double bladed pladdles (CZAR and MINI) and yes, we transport them to the 2nd paddling stage (CZAR).
  • Running shoes are not mandatory for Bolscross and orienteering but highly recommended (CZAR and MINI).
  • Bring a heavy bike lock for making your bikes safe in the camp (MINI and CZAR) and then any other for the race – you will use them in TA2, at orienteering or Bolscross. There will be organizers/volunteers but they will not just watch your bikes (CZAR)
  • For Coastering you can have mat, flippers.. whatever but you have to carry them the whole stage Coastering. (CZAR and MINI)
  • We transport climbing equipment to race centre to you can use it for the last stage (CZAR).
  • In TA2 there is drinking water available, refreshment stall and a pub nearby. Your boxes/bags will be stored in two tunnel tents, you can have a nap if you fit in (CZAR).

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When you sign up your team until the end of June, you still get the price 600 EUR instead of 650, which you would pay in July. Just imagine 10 beers for each team member for free!! 😀