26. - 30.8.2020

Save the date for 2021

15-18. 9. 2021 is the most important you need to know about Wenger CZAR21. Keep it in your diaries and stay tuned for registrations. Yes, after ages the race moved to September.


Rob Howard went through Wenger CZAR startlist and introduced some teams (you can read his article on www.sleepmonsters.com website. What are the 5 ways how to follow racers?
🧐 Wenger CZAR live tracking – the link will appear on our website www.adventurerace.cz after the registration starts (Wed. after 3 p.m.)
🧐 This facebook site Czech Adventure Race
🧐 Sleepmonsters – The Adventure Racing Website and www.sleepmonsters.com
🧐 AR Live Coverage – Craig Cook, the great observer who can perfectly analyse any race from a long distance is ready in his armchair in front of his house in New Zealand.
🧐 Maria Leijerstam´s app you can follow her team and watch some pics and videos. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/…/27ffaca5183f488f9bf570f47583…

No via ferrata this year

You can leave your via ferrata sets at home.. or enjoy it before/after the race. 😉

How long it will be?

The long race consists of 300km MTB, 85km trekking, 20km orienteering, 33km river paddling, all divided into stages spiced with special disciplines such as rock climbing, rappelling, rope ascending, via ferratas etc. With the race scheme we will still keep you in suspense but you already know what to get ready for.

Changes on the way

We updated the routes of both competitions. Please, go through Basic info and Equipment. Extra tip: If MINI racers are longing to paddle, they can join similar team and go the big one. 🙂

Race centre & accommodation

Base for the 18th Wenger Czech Adventure Race will be in RS Pařez, which has no website. But is located in gorgeous nature and it counts more. Teams for the long one can choose between a hut or a tent. MINI AR racers can settle in a building or a tent. For prices and instructions please go for Basic info CZAR or Basic info MINI AR.