Rules MINI

General regulations:

  1. Teams consist of two members in categories MM (2 men) and MIX (at least 1 woman). ZZ (2 women) category will be opened in case of presence at least 3 women teams.
  2. Members of each team must go through the whole competition together as a mandatory order race marked in map by checkpoints.
  3. Check points will be marked in the terrain by orienteering flag markers with orienteering punches.
  4. All team members must mark their common card at each checkpoint.
  5. In case of loss of orienteering flag mark, team leaves a ribbon at the spot or makes a photo of the location.
  6. Teams contest in the spirit of fair play.
  7. Competitors start at their own risk and the organizer is not responsible for their health and life (competitors will sign a proclamation at the check in).
  8. Competitors are obliged to help rivals in case of life or health danger.
  9. Competitors start with visibly placed numbers and keep them for the whole competition.
  10. Competitors start with and keep the required equipment for the entire competition. They must have required equipment for individual stages.
  11. The organizer may stop and check the team’s required equipment any time during the competition.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to change the track or time limits in case of circumstances seriously disturbing the competition.
  13. Any outer help is forbidden during the competition.
  14. Use of GPS and night vision equipment is forbidden.
  15. Except of danger of health or life making fire is forbidden. It is forbidden to leave thrash outside designated areas.
  16. In case of breaking any of the rules, team will be either penalized or disqualified depending on seriousness of the infraction.
  17. Teams that do not fulfill special task, will be ranked behind all teams who do. For ranking is essential number of CPs and after that the time spent in race. Competitors must reach CPs at numeric order so they are not allowed to come back for missed CP.
  18. Deadline for the race is on Saturday, August 24, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. Team loses one CP per every 15 min over the race limit.
  19. For every missing part of mandatory equipment found by an organizer on the course there is a 20 minutes penalty and competitors have to wait on spot at the time when they get the penalty.

Rezignation to the competition

  1. In case of disability of any team member the whole team will be disqualified.
  2. If the team decides to leave the competition it is obliged to announce it to the organizer as soon as possible.
  3. In case of health or life jeopardy the organizer reserves the right to stop the team any time during the competition.

Refreshment and material supplies on the track

  1. Competitors may use local shops and restaurants to fill their supplies.
  2. Organizer doesn’t provide any refreshment on the track.
  3. Competitors may prepare necessary material supplies for the individual stages in their own tents, cabin or cars in race center.
  4. !!!Last CP of every stage counts only if the team punches at least one CP of the stage!! It means that no one is allowed to punch the same CP 2 times as first and last of the stage.