Frequently given answers:

  • Bring self-belay device for each member (don´t panic – if you are already on your way, we will lend you)
  • You carry your mandatory equipment even during Coastering stage!!! (CZAR and MINI)
  • You are allowed to bring double bladed pladdles (CZAR and MINI) and yes, we transport them to the 2nd paddling stage (CZAR).
  • Running shoes are not mandatory for Bolscross and orienteering but highly recommended (CZAR and MINI).
  • Bring a heavy bike lock for making your bikes safe in the camp (MINI and CZAR) and then any other for the race – you will use them in TA2, at orienteering or Bolscross. There will be organizers/volunteers but they will not just watch your bikes (CZAR)
  • For Coastering you can have mat, flippers.. whatever but you have to carry them the whole stage Coastering. (CZAR and MINI)
  • We transport climbing equipment to race centre to you can use it for the last stage (CZAR).
  • In TA2 there is drinking water available, refreshment stall and a pub nearby. Your boxes/bags will be stored in two tunnel tents, you can have a nap if you fit in (CZAR).